Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Blue Day Book for Kids

A: The Blue Day Book for Kids
B: Greive, Bradley Trevor
D: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2006
E: Picture Book
F: K-2
G: This book starts by asking a question, “Have you ever had a blur day?” It then follows this by explaining that a blue day is a day where nothing goes your way, you feel bad, lonely, grumpy, shy, or pooped. It then explains that sometimes you have blue days and others don’t understand, pick on you, or hurt your feelings. It also brings up some causes of blue days such as being put in time out at school, having to share something, getting yelled at, eating Brussels sprouts, and you don’t fit in. After telling all about blue days and what causes them, it offers some solutions to your blue day. These solutions include taking a nap, singing, dancing, playing, standing on your head, talking to friends, or doing something crazy. By the end everyone is smiling and not having a blue day anymore.
H: This is a very cute book that conveys a great message. I will start by talking about the illustrations. This book is full of wonderful black and white pictures of animals doing some crazy things. I wanted to learn more about these pictures and found that were taken by various people and can all be found at This is a cool feature. I love how detailed these pictures are and them being in black and white really makes this book pop. It sets the mood as a blue day, but add flair at the same time. I also really love the message of this book; how to cheer you up. This is a skill that is hard to teach to children, but is one that they will need throughout their lives. This book offers it in a way that children will love and understand. I think this book will be a wonderful asset to not only a classroom, but also a home with young children.
I: This book will serve as a great resource in the elementary classroom. This will be a great book for early in kindergarten to help kids understand that everyday is not a great day, but there are things you can do to make yourself feel better. This will stay with them throughout school and life and will help them tremendously. I also think that this will make a great book for free reading in 1st grade. When students are feeling down, they can read this book and it will cheer them up.

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Dr. Frye said...

The 2nd graders I worked with a few years ago read this book! They loved it! I am glad you enjoyed it!